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Cnc Router Store

CNC STORE     CNC ROUTER HELP     VIDEO     CONTACT specializes in the production and sale of CNC Router Machines.

Since 2008 we started to sell our machines for private individuals and small- businesses. The constructions of the machines available on our website are designed to cut: Plastic, Wood, aluminum and even steel.

The machines available sizes on our website start from 21 '' x 21 '' up to 60 '' x 150 '' and Z axis with working space that start from 4 '' up to 36 ''

Each cnc router kit available on includes the following: all aluminum parts, aluminum extrusion, linear, ball screws, spindle, and cnc driver. We also have available kits for converting milling machines into cnc.

New modifications in our machines:

Cnc Router #1

The changes we have made in our machines are even more rigid and reinforced. The frame and table construction of X axis and Y axis has a strengthened aluminum extrusion profile to 6090mm on machines with 8 '' Z axis working space.

Cnc Router #2

The changes in cnc router with 7" Z axis working space is somewhat different because, X axis aluminum extrusion profile is 60120mm and the Y axis is 6090mm. 

Ball screw:          

Each of our machines contain a 4 ball screw set. X and Z axis each have 1 ball screw while Y axis has 2 ball screws. Why Y axis has 2 ball screws? Because cnc router with one ball screw mounted in the middle of the machine could possibly have a problem with tilting (tilting problem on the side) the most noticeable is when the machine performs work on the left or right side

X and Z axis work together at the same time, that problem made us give 2 ball screws to Y axis which eliminated the problem. When the machine is working on the length of Y axis the work is done in the middle of the table, the problem is not noticeable but when the machine performs work on the left or right side of the Y axis table, we can see a problem with deflection. To prevent this problem, we applied 2 ball screws on the Y axis. Each screw is placed on the sides of the table, which blocks this problem, this solution is the best for the cnc router and eliminates distortion of the part being cut and breaking tools

Ending auctions

No ending auctions at this time


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